Workforce Solutions of the Coastal Bend continues to serve in and out of school youth by providing support services, work experience, and training opportunities. Youth Counselors work closely with employers and youth participants to help them gain meaningful work experience while connecting them with community partner programs that can help them launch their education and career.  Learn how the Summer Work Experience Program, BuildEd Entrepreneurship Program, and Out-of-School Youth Programs can set you on the right path!

WFSCB Summer Work Experience Program

This program is designed to introduce the Coastal Bend youth to industries that align with their interests, connecting high school and college students to local employers to gain meaningful work experience over the summer. This is a unique opportunity to explore various career pathways and practice essential skills, such as communication and leadership. Work-site placements over the summer can be between 4-8 weeks and the hourly pay rate matches the average market rate for the position. WFSCB has built a relationship with employers across the Coastal Bend and offers youth the opportunity to connect with employers in their region.

WFSCB BuildEd Entrepreneurship Program

Entrepreneurship isn’t just about starting a business. Entrepreneurship has become an essential skill set to thrive in the modern economy. This career pathway can be harnessed by anyone that has an entrepreneurial mindset and skill set. This 5-week workshop teaches youth interested teaches youth the ins and outs of starting up a business.

WFSCB Out-of-School Youth Program

This program is dedicated to assisting youth with drop-out recovery, vocational training for in-demand jobs, as well as work experience opportunities. Drop-out recovery is about reconnecting youth with their chosen education path, to help them re-start their college journey. We connect youth to partner programs to obtain their GED or Diploma, as well as supporting youth that has attended some college and did not finish. WFSCB has research-based labor market intelligence for in-demand jobs in the coastal bend region. Speak to a workforce professional to qualify eligible out-of-school youth for supportive services and vocational training for in-demand occupations. Paid and unpaid work experience is also available to learn essential skills and employer-driven hard skills, enhancing their marketability to employers.

All youth in the WFSCB program have access to Career and education counseling, resume building, interview coaching, job referrals, and other services that support youth in gaining employment. Speak to a Youth Counselor today for more information about these and many other Youth Services and Programs. Click Here to contact a Youth Counselor near you.

To have a youth counselor call you, click here.

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